keep smiling (and flying)...

Quilting Memories


I have made a"Quilt of Memories

that was totally formed from variety of

numerous tea towels.

They were collected at towns and cities

we visited and stayed at during our

adventures from our home base of

Brisbane, Queensland.

This particular excursion that was the

inspiration for the quilt displayed below

is an visit an air show in N.S.W

Wings over Illawarra (WOI) and

flying excursion from Moorabbin airport

to various locations throughout Victoria.

I have another quilt being developed at

this time, to represent and celebrate my

friends 24th year of being a licenced

pilot. Each tea towel collected is a

representation of the airport locations

that we touched the nose wheel on the

tarmac throughout that 1 year period.

The quilts are a great way to remember

and reminisce on happy adventures!