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Pterodactyl Helicopters

I went for my first helicopter ride at the Air and Land Spectacular - Emu Gully 
at Helidon, Queensland on Saturday May 18, 2013. At this event there was the company "Pterodactyl Helicopters" doing joy flights.

The pilot was "Captain Mike".

He was friendly and highly experienced in various types of aircraft and made me feel completely comfortable.  It seemed to be a family business with his wife doing the bookings and his young adult children helping out.

They had no issues in discussing all aspects of the flight
or helicopter used... Bell 47G-2A  VH-KHJ (Victor Hotel - Kilo Hotel Juliett)

The Bell 47G-2A helicopter is similar to the one used in the M*A*S*H television series.

Captain Mike can be reached via email: or telephone: 07 3201 0005 or
0417 727 532  or
It all started with a novel... MASH: A novel about three Army doctors by Richard Hooker. This novel was adapted into a feature film simply named M*A*S*H and the television series was produced after the failure of the sequel feature film.

The television series was highly successful and was based in the Korean War (mistaken often for Vietnam). The Korean War was actually not officially  a war but a 'police action' which lasted  from 1950 to 1953. MASH is named for the United States Army "Mobile Army Surgical Hospital".

The series had 256 episodes over 11 seasons; September 17, 1972 to February 28, 1983 and was produced
by 20th Century Fox Television 
for CBS.

Pterodactyl or Pterodactylus... a flying reptile which was a carnivore, eating fish and small animals.

From the Jurassic period and named from Greek meaning "winged finger".

It's fossil remains are mainly found in Solnhofen limestone in Bavaria, Germany.