keep smiling (and flying)...

Care Flight


... is an Australian aeromedical charity that was established in May 1986. Their mission is to 

save lives, speed recovery,

rapid response critical care

to the highest standard.

They use a combination of helicopters, aeroplanes, medi-jets to bring a hospital level of care to the critically ill and injured. Their staff is specially trained in pre-hospital and transport medicine  to be able to care for severely injured patients who need emergency treatment at the scene of an incident.

They also transport seriously ill patients who need to be moved between hospitals.

Care Flight has a strong focus on education and holds teaching accreditation with critical care college, anesthesia, intensive care and emergency medicine.

In 2011, they started the "Care Flight Medisim" program. This is a mobile simulation program that teaches rural and remote emergency services volunteers how to better treat trauma patients at accident scenes. They are taught that what is done in those first few minutes before medical staff arrive is critical to an patients overall outcome.

Care Flight is all about innovation and introduced night vision goggle technology for safer night flying.