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B-24 Liberator Restoration


B-24 Liberator Memorial Restoration Fund

is restoring Australia's only surviving B-24.

The 4 engine long range heavy bomber and is currently

based at Farm Road, Werribee, Victoria.


The hangar where the aircraft is housed is a

combination of restoration workshop and museum.

It is open several days a week to the public is run solely by volunteers who have a great love for this bomber and aviation in general. There is a gift shop that contains all sorts of goodies from stickers, posters, shirts to DVDs and manuals. There is display cabinets full of history and static displays (dash and setting as well as a Link Trainer). The volunteers are more than welcoming to share their experiences about the aircraft and to show what component of the aircraft has been there project.

Some of the projects in sourcing and restoring parts and components has taken years and definitely a labour of love. This aircraft will be a static display but it will be able to start engines. Due to the strict regulations, it would be too costly to get and keep this bomber airborne.

The majority of the volunteers are elderly and unfortunately their vast knowledge and experience with this aircraft is passing with them. They are passing on as much knowledge as they can to the younger volunteers. I really enjoyed visiting this complex, all the volunteers were great and to be able to walk around and pop my head into its body was a wonderful experience.

It's essentially a workshop and to be able to touch n walk around, under and through the aircraft is a

real treat as so many places have barriers. I certainly be interested in going to visit the next time I'm 

in Melbourne and see how they have progressed. I'm a member of the B-24 Liberator Memorial Restoration Fund.

Engines - 4 P&w Twin Wasps 1200 HP each

Weights - 16 tonnes empty and 31 tonnes laden

Wingspan - 110 feet

Height - 18 feet

Length - 68 feet

Bombload - 4 tonnes of a various mix

Armament - 10 Browning - 50 calibre heavy machine guns

Speed - 290 mph max

                215 mph cruise

Ceiling - 2800ft laden

Range - 2100 miles and 3000 miles on auxiliary tanks

Crew - 2 pilots, 1 engineer, 2 navigator - bombers, 4 radio operators           

              and 4 turret gunners 

First flight was December 29, 1939 and there was over 18,000 produced.


were the main users of this aircraft.     

More photos can be viewed on this website under the "photos" tab and in the

"B-24 Liberator Memorial Restoration Fund album".