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Vietnam Airlines Incident at Melbourne Airport

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Vietnam Airlines A330 jet was set to depart Melbourne Airport (YMML/MEL) and was involved in an incident.

The Airbus jet was scheduled to depart Gate 6 at 10.35am but actually started to roll at 10.46am.

The Airbus jet was headed to Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi (VVTS/SGN).

The Airbus jet had debris fall from it whilst on it's take off roll, reports have stated it had smoke and flames from an engine, whilst the other reports states the fallen debris had caused spot fires on the runway.

At the time of the incident the aircraft was on runway 16.

Passengers were safety evacuated from the aircraft on the runway and the aircraft was towed back to the terminal. Whilst all this was in operation all flights were suspended at Melbourne Airport. The ground crew cleaned the runway of debris and done safety checked before reopening the runway for operation.

There was a delay of approximately 40 minutes whilst ground crew completed their operations and there  continues to be delays.

The Airbus jet was in Sky Team livery and have arrived at the airport around 9am without incident.

The Sky Team members below:

B-24 Liberator Youth Club

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The B-24 Liberator Memorial Restoration Fund has a Youth Club and is seeking some new members.

Do you know any girls and boys aged between 12 to 15 years who have an interest in aviation, model making or the "Liberator"? Maybe a relative was a crew member in a by-gone era?

If so, get them to the "Hangar" on the 1st Sunday of each month between noon and 2pm.

Parents are most welcome to accompany the children.

For further information, contact Tony Maher at the hangar on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday's.

Telephone 03 973 11263 or visit in person the "B-24 Liberator Memorial Restoration Fund" hangar on Farm Road, Werribee.

If you are visiting Melbourne, it's a great place to visit. The volunteers are very knowledgeable and happy to show you all aspects of the Liberator and the trinkets of memories within the hangar. It's an easy 30 minute drive west of the city centre. It's a small donation to enter and get up close


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I travelled with Ansett Australia regularly when I lived in Kambalda (YKBL) and travelled to Perth (YPPH) and Brisbane (YBBN) from Kalgoorlie Airport (YPKG). My journeys from Kalgoorlie to Brisbane travelled via Perth and Alice Springs (YBAS).Those times travelling was quite a different experience and travelling via air was quite an event. I remember been driven into "town" or Kalgoorlie to get to the airport. This was the gateway out of the goldfields and instead of a six to seven hour drive to Perth I was there in just over an hour. I loved the escape and Ansett would reguarly service Kalgoorlie and Perth and my escape away from the area.

The airport at Kambalda at that time couldn't really be called an airport, it was a very red and dusty, potholed strip carved in the local scrub and I remember the "terminal" being an open tin shed. Only the odd small plane did land there and it really was at the pilot's peril. Avoiding the wildlife (kangaroos, emu's, dingoes etc) and the numerous locals who rode their motorbikes all around and through it. A white plane would soon be covered in a film of red dust.

Once I moved to Brisbane permanently I then travelled with Ansett Australia to Melbourne (YMML). I only travelled with Ansett until their demise in early 2002. I was lucky to never having issues with connecting flights and I even remember the plane waiting for me in Perth to connect to my flight to Kalgoorlie. I remember that once we were up in the air, a glass of wine was served and the stewardess were always very attentive.

I recently went to the TAA Museum, York Street, Airport West (opp Essendon Airport - YMEN) and they have a designated section related to Ansett Australia. It was great to see the memorabilia and the memories flooded back. I met an ex-Ansett stewardess and we reminisced for quite awhile. We talked about the routes and she told me some great stories of some of her happenings whilst on duty. She showed me items that weren't on display at this time and we had a great chat about some marvellous days gone by.

One of my happy memories I shared was having a trip from Brisbane to Perth and it was usual to stop at Alice Springs Airport (YBAS), passengers were all off loaded, they refuelled, added more food and drink and there was a changeover of some passengers. One trip I travelled with a friend and he lived in Alice Springs and was an apprentice stonemason. He was entering the family business and showed me a sandstone mural wall that he and his father had done inside the passenger hall at the airport, quite impressive at the time, also on that trip, due to some weather movements the pilot changed directing and we flew over towards Ayres Rock (now Uluru). The pilot was great as we done a complete orbit of the rock and I was lucky enough to have the right side of the plane and my usual window spot. I haven't seen the "rock" from the ground yet but it's on my bucket list.

The attentiveness of the staff from those days has long gone, but i'll always have those fond memories of my air travelling days with Ansett Airlines. There is the Sir Reginald Ansett Transport Museum based in the original hangar at Hamilton (YHML), Victoria having an extensive collection of Ansett memorabilia.

Remove Before Flight or RBF

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"REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" is a major symbol of the aviation world.

The usually bright red coloured ribbon with bold white lettering with the words, REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT can be found on aircraft at least in one location. In civil or general aviation, it's noticably attached to a protective sleeve that covers the air speed pitot probe.

I first learn't about this tag when I started going along for flights with a great friend and he gave me the task of removing this tag before you entered the cockpit for our flight and on return to the ground, I was to replace this tag back over the pitot probe. I was happy to have this task as a passenger. Now i'm learning to fly myself, I have completed those pre-flight checks and walk arounds and after I check the exterior of the aircraft, fuel and oil checks, paperwork all done, I make sure that bright red ribbon is fluttering down from the wing is removed and placed safety in the cockpit and I usually place it in the pocket behind the pilots seat.

The ribbon is attached to a small cover and without the ribbon, this cover could be easily missed, the cover protects the airspeed probe from debris (dirt and dust), small insects nesting in the opening, weather (rain, condensation) and this could lead to failure in it's operations.

Now you see many consumables for sale these days that are a hommage to the REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT ribbon.

I have key chains available to buy in my webstore which is found under the extras tab.

That's me (with backpack) removing the REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT ribbon off the pitot cover whilst my friend is removing a tether and we had a great trip in Cessna 172S VH-YRE from Redcliffe Airport (YRED) to Moree Airport (YMOR) and had the day exploring the township and the famed mineral spa pool.

Aviation Gifts

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The Flying-Monster has just opened a webstore!!!  :)

The store will cater to aviation enthusiasts of all ages.There is currently DVD's, blu rays, cufflinks and key chains. There is plenty of stock coming including toys, ties, mugs, novelty signs, patches, nursery/bedroom wall stickers,

cat playground, etc etc.

The webstore can be located under the "extras" tab or via the Westore button halfway down the home page.

Happy Shopping ...keep smiling (and flying). :D

Wings Over Illawarra Air Show

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The annual airshow - Wings Over Illawarra is being held on Sunday, May 4, 2014.

I went to this show in 2013 and had a great time exploring, learning and seeing all the static and airborne displays.

I went with a great friend and had Gold Pass tickets (a great feed and a grandstand to rest our feet and watch the happenings above). Its a great day out and I will certainly be visiting the show again. :)

Check out my photos from the 2013 show, they can be found under the "photos" tab. Enjoy :D

15 of the World's Most Incredible Abandoned Airports

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1.     Castellon - Costa Azahar Airport, Spain
2.     Don Quijote Airport, Spain
3.     Berlin Templehof, Germany
4.     Croydon Airport, England
5.     Nicosia International Airport, Cyprus
6.     RAF Binbrook, England
7.     Gaza International Airport (also known as Yasser Arafat Int. Airport), Gaza Strip, Israel
8.     Stapleton International Airport, United States of America
9.     Marine Corps Air Station, El Toro, United States of America
10.   Galeville Shawangunk, United States of America
11.   Johnston Atoll Airport, United States of America
12.   Montreal-Mirabel International Airport, Canada
13.   Floyd Bennet Field, New York, United States of America
14.   Robert Mueller Municipal Airport, United States of America
15.   Kai Tak International Airport, Hong Kong

For photos and brief description of the abovementioned list, go to the "Abandoned Airports"
page under the "Extras" tab on this website (  :) 

List was complied by James Teideman, Skyscanner on March 21, 2014 and photo was courtesy of Think Stock.

Wings Of Life

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I stumbled across this organisation and it's great to see a young person's university project develop into something to help and inspire others. Positivity at work  :)  


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Oz Runways - Mobile Aviation Apps for Australia.

I personally use this app on my iphone and ipad and it's been invaluable at times.

I have found it reliable and correct. I personally highly recommended this service. It's not available on Android products.

Its also been approved by CASA as a data provider CAR 233(1)(h)...

the electronic flight bag (maps, AIP and ERSA) all within your palm.

Oz Runways have tutorials on YouTube and they include: Weight & Balance, Quick Plan, GPS HUD, Horizontal Terrain, Engine & Flight Timer and Import Custom Waypoints via Spreadsheet. There is also a great knowledge base on their website and I have emailed directly the guys and they have always been quick to respond and help.

Planes - Disney Movie

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From above the world of “Cars” comes “Disney’s Planes,” an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure featuring Dusty (Dane Cook), a plane with dreams of competing as a high-flying air racer. But Dusty’s not exactly built for racing—and he happens to be afraid of heights. So he turns to a seasoned naval aviator who helps Dusty qualify to take on the defending champ of the race circuit. Dusty’s courage is put to the ultimate test as he aims to reach heights he never dreamed possible, giving a spellbound world the inspiration to soar.

DVD due to be released to Australia on April 9, 2014.

I seen this movie in the cinema with a great friend, throughly enjoyed the movie and certainly will be purchasing the disc when it's out. :)

Cockpit is No place for a Women Note

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This note was left for the female pilot by a disgruntled passenger. It is very hard to deal with such personal attacks but the best way to reponse is to stand tall and show ourselves at our best and be thankful for all the women who have come before us and paved the way.

Go Girls  :) :)

West Jet Salute Women in Aviation

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In celebration of International Women's Day (March 8), West Jet released the above video acknowledging all the differing roles that women play in aviation.


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May 31, 2014 is the 8th Anniversary of the "ASIC" card.

The ASIC is necessary piece of identification for us all in all aspects of the aviation field.

A template of the card is pictured above.

ASIC or the Australian Security Identification Card is a scheme that provides a layer of security. It is to ensure only the people who have had background checks to a certain level are permitted to be in secure areas of airports without supervision. ASIC scheme aims to reduce the risk of unlawful interference within aviation (and not just terrorism).

Just because you have an ASIC does not give you the automatic right to access secure areas of an airport, that access right is given by the airport operator of that particular airport.

The ASIC must be worn and clearly displayed on your person at all security controlled airports that have regular public tranport services (RPT) when your accessing secure areas including airside.

The ASIC needs to be attached to your outer clothing; it can be placed either on your front or side but must the card must be clearly visible and above waist height.

I have an ASIC as a student pilot, in my training I will be travelling to airports that it's an requirement. People who also work in operations areas (including baggage handlers, passenger screening officer and security guards) and need to access secure areas within an airport or their business or occupation (supplier/courier) also need one.

The ASIC has several checks:

Criminal Record Check by CrimTrac

Security Assessment by Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and

Immigration Check by Department of Immigration and Citzenship (DIAC)

There needs to be an application and that requires some identification to accompy it... Birth Certificate or Australian Citzenship Certificate, Passport, Driver's Licence and a recent digital photo also payment of $220.

This application can be done at or telephone 1300 00 ASIC.

There are 2 types of cards:

Red - which allows access to Security Restricted and Secure Areas

Grey - which allows access to Secure Areas only (and the holder needs to be accompanyed by red card holder to access Security Restricted Areas)

The holders of these cards whom are 18 years old and over have the full series of security checks but under this age do not require the security check but must apply for a full card within 6 months of their 18th birthday and if no application is received within 3 months prior to that birthday, the card will be cancelled.

There is also a Visitor Identification Card (VIC) for people who need to access the airside area or landside security zone of a airport and must be supervised by a person displaying a valid ASIC until they leave that area or zone.

Further information and Legislation relating to the ASIC scheme:

Aviation Transport Security Act 2004

Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005

Auscheck Act 2007

Auscheck Regulations 2007

Watts Bridge All-In-Fly-In 2014

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Nobody Can Steal Your Dreams

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Cessna U206G VH-FRT

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Cessna U206G VH-FRT

The scene of Saturday's fatal light plane crash at Caboolture.

Emergency services at the scene of the crash.

 The 2 "Incident" Photos courtesy of Channel 9.                                                

What a terrible tragedy that happened at Caboolture Airfield.

I feel for the friends and family of the occupants of the aircraft.

The plane was a 1977 model Cessna U206G, VH-FRT and registered  with Adrenalin Skydrivers P/L.

They use Bribie Island to perform jumps over the beaches.

A bit of a shock to hear the news of this at a relatively local airfield, one I visited during some of my training sessions and as a passenger. I seen this plane just a short time ago on a visit to the airfield and the top photograph above is from that day. I admired the paintwork at the time.

TAA Museum

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A treasure trove of memories and mementos of several airlines... TAA, ANA, Australian Airlines, Ansett and Qantas. The museum is housed within the Qantas GT Building, 7 York Street, Airport West (opposite Essendon Airport).

The museum is open to the general public several days through the week and other times can be arranged. It is lovingly run and looked after by dedicated volunteers who have generally worked with one of the airlines.

I had a great chat with an ex-Ansett stewardess and she could of even served me on some of my flights as we discussed routes and timings. She also spent time with me showing some items that were packed away from the public and was full of enthusiasm for the aviation industry.

Melbourne Seaplanes - Joy Flight

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A wonderful joyflight taken with Melbourne Seaplanes from Gem Pier at Williamstown. I was a passenger in a 1975 Cessna A185F, VH-TCK usually a taildragger on land but sat happily on floats.

I travelled around Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne and having pilot in command, Rod providing a commentary and was extremely knowledgeable of the environs of the bay. It was great that he took time to talk about and point sights out (and making sure I did see as much as I could).

He was an extremely social and make the flight a great and memorable experience. I organised my bookings with his wife Leonie and she was very accomodating with all the details. They make a great team and would happily recommend a flight with Melbourne Seaplanes at either pier (Williamstown or Sorrento).

Professional Helicopter Services - Joy Ride

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Recently had a joy flight with Professional Helicopter Services (based at Moorabbin Airport) whilst attending the Centenary of Military Aviation Air Show at RAAF Base Point Cook.

Brightly coloured yellow and blue Bell helicopter 206B (II), VH-PHO manufactured in 1976.

Smooth ride and scenery included the bay, city and colourful acres of market gardens.Ground staff were great, extremely friendly and helpful, I can't say much of the pilot in command as he was completely silent and didn't seem to even acknowledge my presence. Disappointing considering the rest of the experience was wonderful.

QANTAS Trainer

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Tucked away at the back of Tullamarine Airport at Melbourne is this little gem.

VH-ATC is a Beechcraft B24 Sierra 200 in full QANTAS livery was used for training.