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Airways Museum (CAHS)

The Airways Museum and Civil Aviation Historical Society (CAHS) is a place for preservation of airways equipment once used throughout Australia over previous years.

The theme of the museum is to highlight "how the invisible radio highways of the sky guide aircraft safely to their destination and keep aircraft separated from one another".

The development of safe and reliable equipment in civil aviation is highlighted. Australian innovations and inventions are showcased.

There are broad sections within the museum and they include:
Aeradio/Flight Service, Radio Navigation Aids, High Frequency Radio, Radio, Air Traffic Control, Visual Navigation Aids, Flight Calibration of Navigation Aids

The museum is run by a loyal band of volunteers on behalf of Air Services Australia.
It has film nights and open days throughout the year.

It is well worth a visit and can be found at 20 English Street, Essendon (Melbourne).
It is in the grounds of Essendon Airport and is entered by the rear of Building 44,
off Edgar Johnston Lane.

More photos can be viewed within the "Photo" tab on this website.