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Air & Land Spectacular


Emu Gully  Air and Land Spectacular

is Australia's largest re-enactment of ANZAC history and is held annually at Helidon Spa in Queensland's Lockyer Valley.

The event has Australia's biggest collection of operating military vehicles; these are used in displays and re-enactments from WW1 to Vietnam.

The event is run over a weekend in May and is full of family friendly action and adventure.

Action is displayed on the ground as troops and mounted infantry fight in gullies and trenches and overhead as military aircraft drop bombs and in dog-fight battles.

There is plenty of displays and exhibits to see. There is an animal nursery that highlights the animals that went to war and served in various roles with our troops, sitting inside an Anderson Bomb Shelter and hearing the air raid sirens and bombings outside and specially for the children there is small boats and jeeps.

The day starts off with a military parade, roll call, gun salute and aircraft fly over and continues with the array of re-enactments.

Boer War - siege of Elands River

WW1 - the charge of Beersheba (including the light horse)

WW1 - the battle at the Nek; Simpson and his donkey

Spitfire aerobatics and air displays

Jeep gymkhana and amphibious jeep demo

Vietnam War demo - booby traps, weapons, communications

Lecture on El Alamein

P51 Mustang flyover in missing man formation, gun salute, parade of military vehicles

WW1 trench tours

Model aircraft and tank demonstrations

WW2 - western desert

WW2 - pacific with tank attack and aerial attack on airfield

Vietnam - napalm show

People are encouraged to dress up for the event and clothing can be located at stores or online. Try Southern Cross Militaria, Aussie Disposals, Nobby Vintage Affairs, Lifeline Vintage Wardrobe, Mod Cloth - 1940's section, Kitty Vintage Kitsch, Shop Time Forgot and Atomic Martini.

Other nearby military tourist attractions are Museum of Australian Army Flying and Milne Bay Military  Museum.


What makes this a great day out is the enthusiasm displayed by the re-enactment groups, pilots and the many individual military enthusiasts.